HEGNER Electric Jigsaw Machine Multicut-1
  • HEGNER Electric Jigsaw Machine Multicut-1

Hegner Electric Jigsaw Machine Multicut-1


HEGNER Electric Jigsaw Machine - Multicut-1

This is a basic level jigsaw machine for professionals. Simple and effective. Equipment:
a) with an electronic speed controller;
b) without an electronic speed controller.
You can choose one of the complete sets.

Control: Without electronic speed control
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HEGNER Electric Jigsaw Multicut-1

Hegner jigsaws have become popular with carvers for their high sawing accuracy and productivity, comfortable operation, reliability and durability. These machines easily cope with cutting complex ornate lines and cutting internal contours. You will get even cuts without additional grinding.

The Hegner Multicut 1 Electric Jigsaw is a basic level model. On it you can work with wood, both hard and soft wood, with metals and other materials. The dimensions of the blanks are limited vertically to 50 mm (thickness of the blanks) and horizontally - 365 mm.

The work table of the machine with a size of 430 x 230 mm has the possibility of inclined installation (maximum - 45º), which greatly facilitates chamfering and sawing at an angle. To set the table in an inclined position, loosen the rotary screw. After selecting the angle of inclination, the table is fixed by reverse turning the screw. For cutting at a large angle, a removable swivel insert located in the working area of the table is rotated. When the table is horizontal, the slot of the removable insert coincides with the slot of the table and facilitates the replacement of files.

The file is fixed with a key in special embossing devices installed in the socket of the desktop jigsaw, and, turning the key, fix the file completely. The screw on the upper arm is responsible for tensioning the file. Accurate movement of the file ensures smooth cuts,not requiring additional grinding. The length of the file can be switched between 12 and 15 mm. You can also use domestic files when working with Hegner jigsaws.

To remove dust, a tube is used, which is brought to the sawing zone at one end along the upper link, and at the other end it is connected to a corrugated bulb, which is compressed and expanded from the lower link. Air from the pear goes to the sawing area. The tube is connected to a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

The Hegner Multicut 1 desktop jigsaw is driven from a 230 V network by a 100 W electric motor designed for continuous operation. To swing the lower link with a lever, a crank is mounted on the engine axis. Its axis is moved into the hole closer to the axis of rotation of the digitor, this action reduces the stroke length of the file.

The jigsaw is switched on by a button located under the working table and closed by a dust cap. The machine can be equipped with an electronic speed controller 400-1400 rpm.

This machine processes workpieces from softwood up to 50 mm thick, from hardwood up to 40 mm thick, copper, aluminum and brass parts - up to 6 mm, plastic parts and plexiglass parts up to 15 mm.

The Hegner Multicut 1 electric fretsaw can be used both in workshops and in educational institutions. This machine is often used by master carvers to cut various elements of the pattern from wood.

Short description

  • i> The base is made of high quality cast iron.
  • The engine is designed for continuous operation.
  • The work table is made of high quality aluminum casting
  • Common File Compatibility
  • File tension adjustable
  • It is possible to remove dust
  • Convenient file attachment
  • Possibility of electronic speed control from 400 to 1400 rpm (complete with electronic speed controller)

Technical features:

  • Length of the longitudinal passage - 365 mm
  • The maximum size of the workpieces vertically - 50 mm
  • Table size - 435 x 230 mm, rotation up to 45º
  • Machine dimensions: 520 x 290 mm
  • Switchable file lengths of 15 and 12 mm
  • Works from 230 W
  • Engine power 100 W
  • Weight: 16 kg

Maximum cutting thickness by type of material:

  • Softwood up to 50 mm
  • Hardwood up to 40 mm
  • Metals - aluminum, brass, copper up to 6 mm
  • Plastics up to 15 mm


  • Quality files - set of 60 pcs.
  • Removable plastic insert - 1 pc.
  • Operational Instruments - 1 set


This is a basic model. On it you can work with wood, both hard and soft wood, with metals and other materials. The dimensions of the blanks are limited vertically to 50 mm (thickness of the blanks) and horizontally - 365 mm.


Data sheet

Made in:
cast iron
Shipping Weight:
16 kg
Power, W:
Power W:
Size without packaging:
520 x 290 mm
Number of revolutions:
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