HEGNER Electric fretsaw machine Multicut-2S
  • HEGNER Electric fretsaw machine Multicut-2S

Hegner Electric Jigsaw Multicut-2S


HEGNER Electric Jigsaw Multicut-2S

This machine is designed for masters of advanced professional level.
Effective and easy to use. Scope of delivery with or without speed controller. Please select the required kit.

Control: Without electronic speed control

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HEGNER Electric Jigsaw Multicut-2S

The Multicut-2S bench saw is the most popular machine in the Hegner line. It finds application in workshops of various fields, is used by masters-marketers and intarsists, and can be used in training workshops.

With a weight of 19 kg, the jigsaw has a compact size of 610 mm * 280 mm. The frame is made of high quality cast iron. The working table (its size is 435 x 230 mm) is made of aluminum casting, tilted up to 45 º and 12 º to the right and left, respectively. Up to 460 mm - horizontal size limits for the workpieces. On the desktop there is a swivel plastic insert with a hole through which a file is passed to replace it. To replace the file, the table is installed horizontally and the hole in the insert and the groove of the desktop are combined. The swivel plastic insert is rotated to cut the workpieces under a strong inclination.

The complete set for the Hegner Multicut-2S electric fretsaw includes a set of original files, but you can also use domestic-made files. With the help of special clamps, the file is easy to fix, there is a function of adjustablewki tension. The file moves in parallel, which ensures smooth cutting edges that do not need to be ground. The stroke length of the file is adjustable (12 or 19 mm). To do this, rearrange the axis of the crank into the holes closer or further from the axis of the engine.

The chimney is removed through a tube located along the top link towards the working area. A corrugated pear connected by a pipe feeds air due to the lower draft. To extract dust, this pipe is connected to a vacuum cleaner.

The machine engine (power 100 W), designed for continuous operation, is connected to a 230 V network. In conjunction with electronic controllers, the user has the ability to adjust the frequency (400-1400 rpm) of engine rotation:. This option is often used when cutting pieces of plastic and thin layers of wood, because the best cutting result is achieved with a high speed of movement of the saw. For working with metals, it is not recommended to use a high speed because of the rapid damage to the files from heating. For metals, the manufacturer recommends the use of frequencies of 700-900 vol.

Short description:

  • The frame is made of high quality cast iron
  • The engine is designed for continuous operation
  • Worktable made of high quality aluminum
  • Various nail files are suitable
  • File tension adjustable
  • Possible dust blowing unit
  • Fastening the file in a convenient way
  • 400-1400 rpm electronic speed controller (as appropriate)


  • Horizontal passage up to 460 mm
  • Sawing up to 65 mm high
  • Tiltable (45 º and 12 º) worktable (435 x 230 mm)
  • Overall dimensions: 610 x 280 mm
  • Adjustable file lengths 12 and 19 mm
  • 100 watt motor, 230 V mains
  • Weight: 19 kg

Maximum values of the thickness of the workpieces by materials:

  • Wood: hardwood up to 50 mm, coniferous up to 65 mm
  • Metals: aluminum and copper up to 15 mm, iron up to 8 mm, silver and brass up to 10 mm
  • Foam blanks up to 65 mm
  • Plastic blanks up to 40 mm


1 set of files (76 pieces)
Brands for blades 0.7 mm 2 pcs
Screws for blade terminals 2 pcs
Special terminal for internal abbreviations
1 plastic insert table
Spare wheels for quick tension
Tool kit for machine maintenance 1pc



Data sheet

Made in:
cast iron / aluminum
Shipping Weight:
19 kg
Power, W:
Power W:
Size without packaging:
610 x 280 mm
Number of revolutions:
400-1400 r
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